“King’s Hunt” is a Russian progressive rock band formed in Saint Petersburg in 1989 by guitarist and pianist Sacha Skriabin.
The band have had several line-up changes. Initial line-up included – Sacha Skriabin (Александр Скрябин), guitar, singer Alex Shurpetov (Александр Шурпетов), Alexaner Zinovyev (Александр Зиновьев), bass guitar and drummer Nikolay Taraskin (Николай Тараскин). Vitaly Rotkovitch (Виталий Роткович) helped with sound.
Their first progressive rock album was recorded in 1989 at Harmonia studios and had huge success.
The band has undergone numerous formations throughout its history; twelve or so musicians have been full-time members. (See full story on page About /О нас)